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20140827 ebay-30

The Most Popular eBay Item in Every State

eBay has reported the most popular item in every state on their on-line auction site. In New York it is firearms and supplies!

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20140825 Chelsea-via-Bloomberg

Are high rents driving NYC artists to LA?

New York City’s high cost of living will be the death of its art scene, according to street artist Shepard Fairey.

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20140821 NYC image

Things you’ll never hear a New Yorker say

If you hear someone on the streets of NYC say any of these phrases, you know they must be from out of town.

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20140820 sanctuary

My Secret NYC Sanctuary

WNYC article about where New Yorkers go to get away from it all in New York City.

Where do you go to escape in NYC?

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20140812 262kent

10 biggest NYC real estate projects filed in July

A wide variety of permit applications were filed in the city in July, ranging from a skyscraper on the Far West Side to new plans for the 5Pointz site.

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20140805 TheMet

The Best Museums in NYC

The Gothamist web site picks their favorite museums in NYC.

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