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20140930 sidewalk clock

A Clock has been embedded in this Manhattan sidewalk since the 1800s

In 1899, jeweler William Barthman installed a clock of his own design in the sidewalk outside of his jewelry store on Maiden Lane. There has been a clock there ever since.

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20140919 helpwanted

City unemployment sees biggest monthly drop ever

August was a historic month for New York City’s economy as the number of unemployed hit its lowest mark since January 2009.

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20140917 east-river-skyway

With newly proposed sky gondola, you could get from Brooklyn to Manhattan in less than four minutes

A proposed high-speed sky gondola between the Brooklyn waterfront and Manhattan could ease congestion on ferries, subways and bridges.

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20140916 MSG-demolished-in-1926

49 Beautiful Old New York Buildings That No Longer Exist

In the 19th and 20th centuries, dozens of beautiful old buildings were demolished to make way for new development. You can see images of some of these vanished buildings in this article by Business Insider.

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20140915 _MG_8691%20-%20Version%202

And NYC’s Best Mobile Food Vendor is…

The 10th annual Vendy Awards brought the “Oscars of Street Food” to Governors Island this weekend.

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20140912 NYC_-_Guggenheim_Museum

More to life than livable cities

The rankings have their uses but more important is what people expect. Michael Skapinker’s commentary in the Financial Times on what makes cities livable.

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085-086 parking story se FINAL.indd

Manhattan’s last parking lots

Developers have long been snatching up parking lots, but there are still a number of them in play – and ripe for development

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20140909 gowanusTOP

Low office rents turning Gowanus into hot start-up destination

Growing number of small businesses setting up shop in industrial Brooklyn neighborhood

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20140908 house7n-5-web

“Smallest house in the world” asks $450K

The 188-square-foot home is located in the fashionable North London area.

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20140903 82514garden102

The Six Best “Secret Gardens” of NYC

Here are six “secret gardens” where you can find quiet and beauty in NYC.

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